Annual General Meeting in Lighthouse Park

Saturday June 15, 2019, 11:00 am - noon 
 Meet at the Sk'iwitsut Hut at the bottom of Beacon Trail at 11:00 am.
Allow 10 minutes to walk from the parking lot down Beacon Trail to the hut.

After the AGM, we will have
a picnic lunch (noon)
(we will provide drinks and treats, bring your own lunch), then
a guided tour of the light station (1 pm), then
a guided walk through the old-growth forest (2 pm)


Situated by the water's edge,
Lighthouse Park covers more than
185 acres in West Vancouver, BC.
Take a look at the hiking trails
and places of interest on our map.
Explore the
natural history
of Lighthouse
Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
is a membership-based non-profit
organization formed in 1998 to:

  • protect the natural integrity of Lighthouse Park;

  • promote public awareness of its natural features;

  • and support the development of biological
    zones near the park boundaries.